:: About Us

Established in 1st january 1999 as a sole proprietor, ISLAND PROPERTY CONSULTANT is a professional property valuation, Management and Consultancy and Real Estate Agency Firm providing Real Estate Valuation, Property Management, Facilities Management, Real Estate Agency, Project Management and Research and Development Services. Registered with the registrar of company malaysia on 1st january 1999.

The Company Is Fully Owned By Bumiputera And Registered With:

• The Board Of Valuers, Appraisers And Estate Agents, Malaysia By Valuers, Appraisers And Estate Agents Act 1981 (Act 242)

• Ministry Of Finance, Malaysia

• Royal Malaysian Custom Department For Malaysia Good & Service Tax

The firm was reconstituted on 18th December 2003 and known as IPC ISLAND PROPERTY CONSULTANTS SDN BHD. in the current business demand, the management has decided to separate their activities within the company and dedicate the portfolios to 3 tiers of company which was registered on 10 february 2010 known as:

• IPC Island Property Consultants Sdn Bhd (637371-A) / V(1)0057

• IPC Property Management Sdn Bhd (889704-A) / PM(1)0053

• IPC Realty Sdn Bhd (889693-X) / E(1)1440

IPC believe that we are be able to provide your organization with effective and efficient property valuation, management and consultancy and estate agent services with our multi-discipline portfolios.

Although the company has been re-organised with different portfolios, we are able to provide our client needs by providing consolidation of all our entity under one roof to achieve highest result on every task delivered to us.

We believe with ethical service and attitude will produce an unrivalled mutually satisfying result to meet the expectation in quality property and real estate consultancy services and our services is subject to code of ethic regulated by the board of valuers, appraisers and estate agents, Malaysia. we implement property management standard issued by the board of valuers, appraisers and estate agents, Malaysia.

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